The piano is the king of instruments. It is by far the instrument that has produced brilliant sound through its finely build in strings that are hammered. The deepest sounds, as well as the lightest sounds, are harmonious. No instrument other than the piano has these sounds, and it is the one with the most keys, and notes. The only difficulty I find with the piano is the ability to play with both hands, and the complexity of the accompaniment of the left hand and gudang lagu really helped me that. Other than that I think it is an easy instrument to play, especially the songs that are simplest in notation. This instrument has the most beautiful emotions that an instrument can play. From sadness to joy, and eccentric, to mad, this set of keys has the potential for millions of possibilities to compose new music, and more possibilities because of the different combinations the piano can do with it’s eighty-eight different keys. The piano also has a pedal in which a person can pedal and make a shimmering noise come out through pressing firmly on it. Many of the greatest composers have used the piano as the instrument of choice because of its versatile components. From Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach, to today’s great modern composers the piano has been instrumental. It only takes one pianist to create a huge range of sounds, whereas the other instruments it takes several people to start a band.

Musicians have long been able to use the piano. Ever since it’s an invention as early as the 18Th century, many composers have used it to write their music, and perform it in a concert.

Musical prowess or genius has lead humans to harness the power of music to heal, comfort, and express emotion. There are many health benefits to playing the piano. One is keeping the mind active so that in the future when people age they are less susceptible to mental illnesses like Parkinson’s, or dementia. The piano sharpens the mind through the use of hand-to-eye coordination. People can also be creative and compose something they never heard before and the piano makes it easier to do that. Playing a musical instrument can lead young people to express their emotions, and not let them take over you, but instead control them through the use of music. The more emotion one has the more the opportunity to control them through music, and piano playing/composing.

Piano skills can transfer to use in a religion where God can be worshiped through skillful playing. It is fitting to worship God through music because He gave us hands to work for Him on the weekends, and during the week. Although in the Book of Psalms David mentions “playing skillfully” it identified some instruments like the lute and stringed instruments.

There are musical therapists who alleviate their emotional, and psychological pain through the use of music. The Piano is the greatest musical invention man ever made, and it continues to be useful in composing, worship, and even in the medical field.