After the Christmas season ended, I stepped on the scale for the first time in weeks. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the number. I had gained over 12 pounds in just over six weeks. I felt awful and was upset for the next several days.

Finally after getting myself to accept the reality of the situation, I signed up for a few sessions with a personal trainer. I went to the first session during the second week of January. I showed up at the gym right on time and met the woman I was going to be working with. She seemed nice enough to me, and I started the exercises. I became tired very quickly, and just couldn’t finish the whole workout. Feeling like an absolute failure, I began to feel even worse.

I decided it was time to try something else, so I tried giving up all fattening and sugary food. I mean everything from chocolate, cookies, and cake to oatmeal with brown sugar. I gave up everything that had more than a few grams of fat or sugar. I turned mostly to white meats, salads, fruits, and vegetables.

I slowly was starting to see some results with this diet that I created for myself. It wasn’t anything all that significant, but I did lose two pounds during the first week. In the second week, I lost an additional two pounds. I was a third of the way back to my original weight. I thought that I might be on to something.

I eventually started to feel good enough to try and start some moderate exercises on my own. I started walking around the block every morning before I went to work. I monitored my progress, and I lost another pound during the third week. By the fourth week I was really determined to meet my goal of dropping back to my original weight.

I started running three times around the block every day. As I built up a little more stamina, I increased it to four and then five laps. At the end of the week, I got on the scale again hoping to see good numbers. To my surprise, I had lost five pounds. I was over joyed with my own success. Even though I still had another two pounds to lose, I knew that I could drop those last two during the fifth week of my no sweets diet. I also take supplements for weight lose such as leptoconnect to support my diet and system. I am no longer afraid that I will go back to my old size and weight because of this products. 

Eventually after making myself completely exhausted from running and walking around the block, I made the choice to continue my diet and exercise routine to see how long I could keep doing it. Here I am today, in my sixth week of feeling great about myself, and I am still losing a little bit of weight each week.