Having perfect teeth is something everyone admires. A missing tooth can change the appearance of teeth; you even get uncomfortable smiling. But there is a solution for all this, by getting a dental implant. The implants are surgically fixed below the gum but above the jawbone. They mimic a natural tooth by replacing the missing root. It, therefore, provides a stable jawbone hence the other teeth stay in place. Most times these implants are made of titanium hence it fuses well with the bone thus not appearing like a foreign object. This type of implants is becoming the trend as a solution to missing teeth. Most dentists can perform the procedure although considering some factors such as your health or jawbone quality.

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Implant maintenance

Taking care of the implant is essential. You may need to change your oral hygiene. Dental implant treatment requires attention; here are some guidelines on looking after them.

You may experience some swelling afterward. You can reduce it by placing a pack of ice on the affected area.

Few days after the surgical implant you should go back for a checkup. The dentist needs to ensure there is no infection.

You may are given some antibiotics. Make sure to finish the dosage.

When experiencing some pain after the procedure consults your dentist.

All this will help with the healing, but the most critical issues are the general hygiene of your mouth. No one wants to go back to the dentist every time. Remember to brush your teeth every day with some exceptions during the initial few days after getting the surgical implant. Try also to keep food particles away from the implants.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants change a lot to the mouth. You get to experience some changes, here are some of the dental implant benefits.

Now you can chew food with ease. The implants act as a natural tooth hence eating will no longer be a hustle.

Your teeth have excellent support. With a missing tooth, the rest of the teeth move and are not stable. But an implant solves all this.

Space left by a missing may accumulate with bacteria leading to infections. Once it ’s filled with an implant, you can rest easy.

The jawbone also requires some maintenance. Bones beneath a missing tooth may get eroded with time, but an implant prevents this.

Since most dental implants are from titanium, they can last a lifetime. Yes, here the implant once well maintained will need no replacement.

Dental implants should be accepted although it may cost you quite some money. But in the end, it’s worth every dime.

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