As opposed to their namesake, omelette pans can be used for other recipes, not just omelettes. Actually, omelette pans might even be the most flexible and helpful cookware that you will own.

Are you shopping for or looking to buy the best copper chef omelette pan? You came to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some of the important things you should consider when getting a new omelette pan. Be sure to read this article before ordering online or going to a physical store. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Non stick properties

Probably the most crucial factor of a great omelette pan is the addition of a non stick coating. The reason for this should be known for people who have cooked omelettes in a normal pan before. In case you are not aware, let us tell you why. Cooking delicate stuff on a regular pan can burn them easily, and even if they don’t burn, they might get stuck with the pan. This is especially true for wet food items, like omelettes. You can easily lose a lot of the omelette items on the pan because they got stucked on it.

A number of producers try to sell pans with non stick coating that are cheaply made. These coatings don’t last for long, which means that your pan is going to be just a normal pan after just several months of use. For this reason, make sure that the non stick layer or coating is durable when buying an omelette pan with non stick surface. If you are buying an expensive pan, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Second of all, you need to ensure that the non stick layer of your pan is immune to scrapes made by cleaning, which is another cause of non stick pans losing their coats.

  1. Design and conductivity

The shape or design of a pan is going to have an effect on its conductivity, which in turn will affect the quality of your cooking. This is especially important when cooking omelettes, since eggs cook quickly. You need to have a fan that distributes the heat evenly on its surface.

Normal omelette pans have a circular shape, and there are special fans with unique shapes, like Japanese pans with their square form factor. Regardless of the shape of the pan, you should make sure that its bottom is extremely flat and thick.

  1. Handle

No matter how good the pan is, you’ll not be comfortable using it if it has a bad handle. Along with the spatula, you’ll be using the handle to manipulate the food item that you are cooking. If the handle easily heats up or is simply not comfortable to hold, cooking will be more of a nuisance for you.

  1. Size

Buying the biggest omelette pan might seem like a no brainer, but always remember to take the size of your stove and storage into account. Make sure that they fit together so you’ll have the best experience possible.