Many people when they are attempting to get to know one another go for the typical date night activities like dinner and a movie. While these options are considered “standards”, there are other fun-filled activities that are grossly overlooked. The DinnerĀ  amp; a Movie date has become really trite. Many people are beginning to shun this option, but forget about another great pastime: bowling. Provided that you’re in relatively good physical shape, this is a wonderful first date idea. If you’re a little skeptical, here are a few good reasons why you should reconsider bowling as a first date option…

Health Benefits

You may not believe it; but bowling offers quite a few health benefits. Bowling doesn’t require you to run or jump (unless you’re a bit overzealous). But in your bowling approach, you will be using muscles that you probably don’t use very often. Squatting, walking, and carrying a heavy weight all can help to prevent your muscles from becoming atrophied. Though it’s not considered a cardiovascular activity per se, it does help with your balance. And any movement after being sedentary most of the day is an improvement to your health.

The Ultimate Ice Breaker

Just in case the sparks have already begun to fly in your newfound friendship, you’ll really appreciate the way that bowling brings people together. Movies and dinner sometimes put pressure on a couple to say and do the right things. The bowling environment is usually pretty casual. Therefore, you can feel more at ease with one another. Ever feel restless while on your date? Well the mere act of having something physical to do can stave off nervous energy. Use that energy to better your game. And since a game of bowling can spark a little friendly competition, all that “trash-talk” can lead to some pretty interesting conversations. Not to mention that when it’s your partner’s turn to bowl, you get a chance to check out his/her “form.”

All-Inclusive Dating…

Another thing about bowling alleys is the fact that many of them have gone “upscale.” For instance, 300 Atlanta is a bowling lane in the metro Atlanta area that has been refurbished to include plush seating, an enhanced menu, and more personalized service. The prices, however remain inexpensive. At this particular alley, games are only $5 per person. Many bowling alleys also offer other forms of entertainment, like game rooms, pool tables, and even karaoke. In addition to maintaining a fairly well-stocked bar, some bowling venues have separate lounges for relaxing and having a drink. Since bowling lanes are also filled with kids and teens, these lounges can provide a great escape. This kind of all-inclusive entertainment can make first dates a breeze since you don’t have to scramble for parking or visit multiple places to have dinner or cocktails.

(Helpful Hint for the Ladies…)

Ladies, if you and your date have decided that bowling will serve as your romantic excursion, you may want to consider your fashion options. The bowling alley is actually the perfect place for those cute Seven For All Mankind jeans you’ve been dying to wear. And don’t forget to take a pair of comfortable cotton socks to change into. You also might want to make sure that your top or blouse adheres to your form while moving around. There is nothing more aggravating than having to adjust your clothing each time you step up to the lane. Last but not least, skip the micro mini-skirts, unless you’re prepared to give the entire bowling alley a free show when you go for that strike!

All in all, both ladies and gents need to look their best simply because the bowling alley is not the first place that comes to your mind for a romantic rendezvous which is why you need to take care of many things and a nice game would be thoroughly entertaining provided you find the best bowling ball for two finger bowlers especially if you are completely new to the game.