This mod brings to life the Disney characters, Phineas and Ferb, also with Perry the Platypus! Must be noted though that these characters are not friendlies and unfortunately you cannot tame Perry. Could you image that if you could tame him? Riding a giant platypus all around your minecraft world. Now that would be something special. Mobs spawn in the forest. “PHEW!!”

The cheap steam accounts are special for the players. There are different features and options available to provide the players a unique and different experience. The level of comfort is high for the individuals. Learning about the characters is essential for the players to have the benefits.

Mod credit goes to: GKGhostPlayer, for creating the mod. There are also some items that are dropped when attacking the Disney characters and they can be used to create some performance enhancing gear!

The gear can be made to make you faster, jump higher and give you more exp.

Be sure to download this mod and I promise that you will not regret this mod at all! It is fun, especially if you are a Phineas and Ferb lover, just like me!


Overall, I would have to give this a rating of about 7/10. As the mod is fun and there are items that can be dropped and items created it still seems to be lacking that extra wow factor that can be found in other mods. Perhaps if you could tame and mount Perry the Platypus that would give this mod the upper edge on other competitors. If you have some free time and like P&F then be sure to download this mod for a few hours of fun!

Below is the Tutorial on how to install the mod, sorry, no video! I didn’t feel as if it needed one as it is fairly straight forward.


Latest version v2 via:

MediaFire – MF Download

4Shared – 4S Download


1) Download Phineas and Ferb Mod.

2) Download Risugami’s Modloader

3) Go to AppData > Roaming > .minecraft > bin

4) Open minecraft.jar with WinRAR

5) Drag all the files from Phineas and Perb Mod and Risugami’s Modloader into minecraft.jar

6) Delete META-INF folder

7) Have fun!