Whenever there is a discussion about technology pertaining to modern gadgets, we all are spoilt for choice as there are way too many of them that the entire world relies on right from the regular shopkeeper to the United States president.

Sometimes we cannot put forward the contribution of these gadgets into words because that’s impossible so therefore we shall limit the discussion to one such important discovery from the last two decades to increase the knowledge of others.

Today, USB Flash Drive is the chosen topic even though it came out in the early 90s but still very much relevant for the current generation as well due to it being so well tuned to go into any electronic device unlike many of its counterparts.


First of all, it should be made clear for the people that are unaware that a flash drive is not your regular charger or pen drive that is limited to charging your PC or copying files but much more than that.

By definition, it is a device to store data that includes flash memory, which is basically a medium to record the memory of all the data included that can be downloaded and deleted at any point of time.

A flash drive is shorter than the thumb in size but a much more powerful device in which you can not only save important documents and files but download your favorite songs as well.

The credit goes to renowned software engineer Ajay Bhatt, who had thought of a concept of having a connection cord that would connect to multiple devices which did not go down well with his superiors, who thought the idea too ludicrous to put into action.

But their nonchalance did not deter him the very least and in fact, made his resolve much stronger to invent such a cord and therefore, got down to work with a team of dedicated engineers under his wing.

In 1994, his dreams were realized and those very people that had ridiculed him and cast aspersions on his sanity were now praising and applauding his skills with many of them claiming to have spotted the spark in him much earlier.

Best Ways

Some important ways to use a flash drive are as follows:

  1. It will help you to lock and unlock your system at leisure in typical James Bond style where you can do so by first downloading the Predator app and start using it on the system, which would be impossible for another person to unlock
  2. Infiniti Kloud is an important flash drive brand that is the most popular in current times where the AVG software can scan the drive for potential viruses and get rid of it so as to protect the system from collapsing
  3. The flash drive will help you in downloading and running portable applications and games like FireFox, Google Chrome, MS-Word at a much quicker speed 
  4. Rest assured that all confidential documents and files are secure in your system and it is impossible for anyone to breach security and steal data