Testosterone Boosters are a kind of supplements that are taken at the time of low testosterone in your body. Testosterone is a sex hormone in the male body that helps to develop a male’s body in so many ways and develops the masculine features in him. There are some of the health effects also of these supplements. This includes affecting the biological system of the body, blood cells, features and so on. So many products are in the market for boosting your testosterone.

These supplements contain so many natural ingredients in it which have positive effects on our body. But, it should not be taken by the youngster and people with certain issues as it can harm their body. You can get these in herbal and natural form through natural sunlight and herbs like ginger. Some individuals are confused about this and thinking about¬†where to buy testogen in south Africa.¬†You can buy them online or from the stores near you. Let’s discuss some of the effects of testosterone boosters on our body.

Endocrine system

  • The endocrine system is the system in our body that consists of glands; these glands make hormones in our body. The amount of testosterone needed by our body is calculated by the hypothalamus, which is in our brain, and it sends the need via nerves to the pituitary gland. The message for need of testosterone is sent to the testicles then for making that amount of testosterone.
  • Testosterone is mainly produced in testosterone, a small amount of it is also made by the adrenal gland, but the major amount is made up in the testicles. Adrenal glands are located near the kidney; in the female’s body, it is located near the kidney and ovary, which together make a very small amount of testosterone in them.
  • At a young age, testosterone helps to develop puberty in men’s body which includes features like deeper voice, beard, body hair and so on. In the absences of testosterone in a male’s body, all these functions will stop taking place, and a person has to take supplements for producing testosterone in his body so that all these functions will work properly.

Reproductive system

  • The reproductive system is the most affected thing by testosterone. This is because testosterone is made in testicles which is a major part of the reproductive system. In the puberty period, the size of the penis and testicles grow, and testosterone makes a fresh supply of sperm daily.
  • As we know that testosterone plays a vital role in the reproductive system, its deficiency can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED) in males’ body. You should also not take it excessively as it can lead to a decrease in sperm production in our body, which can give further problems like not having a baby.
  • Testosterone therapy is there, which should not be taken much as it can result in decreased prostate, smaller or softer testicles and so on. This therapy should not be practised by people who have prostate or breast cancer. Therapy here means the supplements taken for increasing the level of testosterone in our body.


  • Testosterone affects our sexuality as at the time of puberty; there are many physical changes in a male’s body like deeper voice, growth of testicles and penis, growth in pubic hair, growth in muscles and so on.
  • With the deficiency of testosterone in the body, a male cannot get these features or changes in his body and cannot develop properly. Plus, he will also lose his desire for sex.
  • Sex is also an important thing for maintaining a level of testosterone in our body as if you will not have sex for a long time, then testosterone can decrease from your body, and it ultimately results in erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is taken as supplements for all these problems so that a male can properly pass his puberty period and will not get into the above-mentioned problems.

Central Nervous system

  • For controlling the production of testosterone in our body, there is a function that tells the testicles for stopping manufacturing testosterone for some time. This works as the hypothalamus send the message to the pituitary gland for how much testosterone is needed in the body; the pituitary gland then sends a message to the testicles through the nervous system, which includes hormones and chemicals in the bloodstream.
  • The nervous system also works on the basis of testosterone as it is made in so many things like while working out, having an aggressive mood and so on. All these things will stop taking place in the deficiency of testosterone. So, the supplements will be a saviour for you at that time, which will take it to the level.


To sum up, we can say that testosterone plays a vital role in a male’s body, and it should always be produced in the correct amount in the body. At the time of deficiency, you should take testosterone boosters which will help you to take its level on track. Some of the things that have been discussed above are affected by testosterone in our body.