What do you hate about this new generation of social networking? Here is what I’ve grown to dislike.

  1. I hate when people use an abundant amount of ellipses. The point of an ellipse is to omit words for an artist effect, not for a subtle pause. If you want a pause, just use a freaking comma or a period. So please… don’t type like this… because… it will just make you look like a retard. Please use punctuation properly. Also, let’s not have unnecessary spaces! Or tildas at the end of sentences~ These things put extra strain on a man’s eyes and brains because its 3 more millimeters he must move his eyes and process. Take a grammar course, please.
  2. When people state the obvious. We all know Michael Jackson died. You don’t have to be Dr. House to go to CNN and read the largest 3 words on the page. Please, if you want to state the obvious, at least put some opinion and passion into it. “Michael Jackson should’ve died from anal cancer, not Farrah Fawcett!” not “MJ “.
  3. When people repost other people’s photos on Facebook or even random photos over the internet. There are tags for a reason! Don’t just take someone else’s Facebook photos and upload it yourself. It’s not your photos! And please, tell everyone whose photos they are. At least in twitter and Tumblr when you repost/reblog the source of the article is stated. In Facebook, the source isn’t listed. Let’s not repost pictures without linking sources if you’re not using it for an artist effect, like tagging. Moreover, everyone is trying to get maximum views on their content. You can click here if you are wondering, How many Tik-Tok views do you need?
  4. When people respond to a wall post by commenting on the wall post. WHY!? Just reply to the other wall! Now I can’t read our wall-to-wall and know what the heck we’re talking about.
  5. Facebook chat. Don’t. Use. It. First of all, it completely eliminates the usefulness of a whole browser window. According to Anandtech, a single browser window can take up to 7MB of video memory. And I’m damn selective with my memory; I’m never sure of what I did last weekend. Second of all, I don’t like staying on Facebook. Please, use AIM or something.
  6. Apps and quizzes. Sometimes, they’re funny, like “What’s your cyborg name?” (Cause mine is Juggernaut Optimized for Nocturnal Gratification. HAHAHAHA) But most of the time, no one cares you’re 77% Asian, or you have a 63% chance with Megan Fox, cause the truth is, you don’t. If you do take one or decide to use an app, please don’t ask me to use it to or spam my newsfeed with it. I’m pretty sure no one cares about your apps or what you scored on a retarded quiz. STOP BOTHERING ME.

  1. Promoters. Stop inviting me to your events. I know you’re a promoter. One event or one message is all it takes, not a weekly message or invite. If your club needs such a low-level marketing scheme, then most likely your club sucks. If I wanted to go to your club, then I’ll let you know, so please stop inviting me impersonally to your stupid events. I’ve already deleted some friends who consistently promote me to events. I’m pretty sure they only see most of their Facebook friends as potential customers.