You tube is the biggest platform on which the majority of people are active daily. This is the most popular site on which people show their presence and are on the top search list. As technology gets improved, the new version is introduced in the market, that is YouTube, Vance. With time and technology, this version can be downloaded on the android device, and with people are shifting their interest from the YouTube platform to the YouTube vance. There are many reasons behind it, which is attracting the crowd for this incredible platform.

The new version has bought the new features, and because of this, people prefer YouTube Vance over anything. Many people are worried about the factor that is YouTube Vance is legal? And the answer to this question is yes because the content is all the same from YouTube. Thus there is no difference in the matter, but it stands to be different when there is a comparison between its features. so let’s understand the essential difference between tees two platforms.

Playing of video 

 The first and vital difference between both these two platforms is the system of playing music or so. In YouTube, if a person wants to listen to their music, then he has to watch the video as well. That means there is a need to open the app, and then only it is possible to listen to the songs. No other activity is possible to carry with playing video on the YouTube video.

But on the other hand, a video can be played easily in the background on YouTube Vance, and there will be no difficulty in carrying out other activities while playing the song in the background. The video will be continued in the background and will not get stop. So it is the most fundamental difference.

Option to block the ads 

 In you tube, there is no option to block the ad. A person has to see the particular ad that comes while changing the songs or in between watching any video. This is the major problem that people face because that spoils the whole mood. Let’s suppose you are watching a horror film or playing any song at the party, and there comes an ad in between that will spoil the whole mood and enjoyment because such ads create a lot of hindrances.

As compared to YouTube, there is no such major problem in YouTube vanced. It comes with ad-free music or any video. There will be no hindrance while watching any of the videos, and also, there will be no ad while changing the songs as well. This is the fantastic factor that develops the interest to watch the video with ease. There is no hindrance in between that because people are shifting their interest for the YouTube vance.

Various theme options

 Another enhancing feature of YouTube Vance is that it comes with variations in themes. There are many types of themes, such as dark white as well as black theme. This is not an option on YouTube. There is only a particular theme available on your tube so that a person can see the video in a particular theme.

With this, a person can enjoy watching videos in different themes that become an impressive feature to watch the videos.

Limited setting options 

 YouTube vanced has limited options to change for the video. Thus it limits the choice, and a person can see the videos in those particular versions only.

But YouTube vanced has bought up a fantastic feature with it. There is a choice to change the settings as per the requirement. There is a better quality available for the videos, which will provide a fantastic experience to watch the video. Thus, it is a useful app to watch videos on this modified version, and a person can enjoy watching videos in an appropriate quality mode.

Controlling options 

 There is this fantastic feature available in the YouTube vanced version that is there are various controlling options. One wants to watch any movie in a zoom version, and they can easily do it on the app. there is an option to increase the brightness, volume, and length of the video as per the preference. Not only this, there is the option to control the speed of the video.

Such a factor is missing in the YouTube channel. There is no such option available to increase the length by pinching on the screen, and the screen cannot be adjusted, limiting the choices for watching the video on YouTube.

The above points make it clear that it is more preferable to opt for YouTube Vance, and the process to download is also straightforward. Thus, YouTube vanced apk is the most beneficial element, and that is the best for getting the app on android phones. So with other applications, install it and enjoy its features.