Applying for your Disability can take years to get an award. Once you’ve submitted all your paperwork and had many denials, you will have an opportunity to come before a judge. This step can either be in person in the judge’s chambers or you will have a meeting in a different location and have your hearing via the Internet.

Many people don’t know what to expect at this level and whether or not you have an attorney or you are representing yourself there are things that are great to know before entering your hearing. The first thing to know is that it’s common to be nervous because after all, you’ve been waiting months maybe years to get to this level.

The next thing to know is to be yourself. Don’t try to pretend that you are sicker than you are actually are and don’t lie. The judge can see right through that. you’ll need to dress comfortably but don’t overdress.

Make sure to take all of your medication like Sonus complete before you go into the hearing. You’ll want to show the judge what your life and demeanor are on a daily basis. Answer the judge truthfully to your best ability and speak clearly.

The judge will more than likely have a medical staff member present as well as a job source representative. The judge will want to ask you questions in regard to your health and what you can and can not do.

The judge will also ask you if there are any limitation’s on lifting such as, how many steps you can walk without giving out of breath. How many pounds you can lift? Also, the judge will ask how long you can sit without having to get up and walk around.

The judge’s job is to determine whether you can do the work you once did before coming disabled and if not if there is any work you can do. If at any time the judge feels they can render a decision on your case then they will end the hearing.

The hearing usually lasts around 45 minutes an up to an hour. This is your opportunity to share with the judge how your disability has affected your life. It can take years to get to this level so make sure you are prepared.

Once the judge is done with the hearing you will receive notice in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks. Most of the time the judge will decide if back pay should be awarded and if so, then they will retro pay you back to the time you could no longer work. This payment will be deposited into your checking account if you have a representative.

Even though being awarded your Disability can be a long process if you really are disabled and have had to quit work then it is worth going through the process. There are many lawyers who specialize in Disability claims and you can locate them in the yellow pages of your phone book or Allsup is a company that specializes in Disability claims and will walk you through the whole process.