What you wear and what you don’t wear to your acting audition can increase your chances of landing that ever-important audition.

An audition typically lasts only a minute, and casting directors often are auditioning many, many people for the part. By preparing yourself appropriately, and making an excellent first impression, you can help your chances of being a part of another great acting school in Orlando

Wear a blue shirt for your audition.

This is especially important if your audition is to be taped, and reviewed later, as it often is for television and film products. Casting directors, directors, and producers want to see how you look on film. All casting directors have agreed, that those who wear blue are more likely to be cast. The blue comes across the television in a calming and flattering way, showing yourself in a good light.

Your blue shirt should be plain blue, no designs, no stripes, no patterns, etc. You want the focus to be on YOU, not your shirt. Avoid navy blue, but powder blue, royal blue, and teal are all good choices in the blue family.

Do not wear a red shirt to your audition.

Red is the least cast color, as it is harsh on the eyes. Now keep in mind, these are subtle issues, a casting director will not look at you in your red shirt and claim they won’t cast you because you wore red. However, those who show up in red, statistically, are less likely to be cast.

Avoid logos, designs, patterns, and stripes all costs.

Anything that is distracting should be avoided. An outfit that is too fancy will take attention away from you in the audition, and can ultimately help you lose the part you are auditioning for.

Wear little to no jewelry for your audition.

This goes for guys and gals, for the same reasons as listed above. Anything too shiny will be glaring on camera, and casting directors will fast forward right through your audition.

Wear little to no makeup to your audition.

If you are wearing a lot of makeup, casting directors do not know what you truly look like. They also don’t like to see your face covered up. A little foundation if you have shiny or uneven skin (for men and women) will help you on camera. Also, for women, a little lip gloss can help your teeth look whiter.

What you wear to your audition is crucial to your landing the part. While you may put a lot of consideration in what you wear, and how you look, it should appear as though you are just being yourself. The idea is to showcase yourself, not your clothing and accessories. If you overdo it, you are sure to be overlooked for the part.