AFK Arena has turned out to be a really popular RPG game that is played by millions of people worldwide. Developed by Shanghai based game developer, Lilith Games, the game is a really good game to play during your free time. The game offers a good Gameplay and really cool features which make it even more engaging and enjoyable. You can unlock new heroes, loot treasures, discover new map locations and combat with other players also. 

But, there are a few shortcomings to it as well. Let’s check them out and for more information about the game, you can visit

What Do We Think About AFK Arena?

A lot of traditional role play elements in the game come with an actual story line and that can prove to be really interesting. However, when compared to the overall mechanics of the game, the story is not upto the mark. And that is a real let down. You expect a more engaging and thrilling storyline from a game like this. There are more than 40+ different hero units from a total of six factions and all the units have unique fleshed-out Backstory. We saw some really interesting and fun graphics and art that added a bit more depth to the Gameplay.

However, another short coming of the game is the combat mechanism. It is not very strategic. You can choose your hero, faction and even the unit position, but the entire combat gets played automatically by the game itself. You can use some special skills; however it fails to deliver the true essence of real-time strategic combat.

The main storyline progresses through unique chapters each have a different story to tell. The further you move up the storyline, the harder it gets for the player to win combats and duels. You need to level up your heroes and make them stronger than before to win battles. So that’s quite interesting and realistic.

The AFK Arena is a cool game, no doubt. But, it lacks some element that could have really taken it to a whole new level. It really could make use of a more real-time combat strategy and some tweaks in the storyline. These changes can make it even more special.

Other Aspects of The AFK Arena Game

The game is going to store up to at least 12 hours of AFK Rewards at a single time. So, that means you need to log in a couple of times a day in order to keep advancing. Complete weekly and daily quests in order to gather more rewards, gold and other items. It takes about 30 – 35 minutes to complete these events. One very interesting reason why you should complete the daily quests and special events is to earn more Diamonds, the in-game currency.

Download the AFK Arena game from the play store and start playing it. Let us know how your experience was and what were the best features that you liked in the game.