The wizarding world that the boy who lived lived in is known by almost everyone. We strive to become like wizards ourselves, but we do know that it does exist, only in the minds of J.K Rowling and the billions of fans that she has. But to listen to the words of our giant friend Hagrid saying, “Yer A Wizard My Boy/Girl,” is something that we have always dreamt of. Even the day when the sorting hat would be placed on our head. 

To be in the school of just where it all came true and where it was all that is in the world of Harry Potter began is something that we all wanted to be a part of. But, since the story is fictional, it is easy to imagine ourselves as to where we would be if we were a wizard. And that is how we can determine what we are in terms of the land of Harry Potter. You can even take a sorting hat quiz which we would discuss later. 

Can we feel this in real life?

Now, Harry Potter isn’t something that can be expressed with just words. Although book lovers would argue with this here that the movies didn’t feature this and didn’t have that or the scenes were exaggerated, and some scenes were cut off from the book, movies made us imagine the whole scenario. Of course, Miss Rowling painted Hogwarts so beautifully with her words, yet we felt the majestic presence of bringing inside one with the help of the movies. 

So, to either feel this in real life, you must either have a vivid imagination power where you can immerse yourself completely inside the world of Harry Potter, or you must find a Genie to complete your wish. However, the latter can be true if you think of the Genie of the 21st century. Or you can even take the sorting hat quiz and find out your nature!

Yes, I am talking about the internet. Here, any wish you have would be fulfilled, and you just need to make sure that you have the proper resources and your wishes should be achievable. As for the wish to live in a world of Harry Potter, you can achieve the same if you visit England and see the lanes there. There is a place filled with stuff like that, and you can even find a broom and your wand there. However, don’t be sad if you don’t find Mr. Oliwander. 

What about the sorting hat quiz?

Concerning the sorting hat quiz, it is nothing but a series of questions and answers that you would have to answer to determine which house you belong to. This isn’t just something that you can take lightheartedly as it may decide your future because once you realize that you are a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw, there is no turning back. You can’t just go back and say that you need Gryffindor anyhow.