The Zerg evolves by modifying life forms to specialized missions. All of it’s soldiers and buildings are biological. Zerg are best suited for bigger areas and open spaces. Their units are speedy and cheap to build, but are pretty weak when compared to the other races. You will need unrestricted space in order to overrun your foe, since each unit is pretty weak but there is strength in numbers. Keep away from ramps, craters, chokes and other enclosed spaces. Remember to burrow when your troops are close to death – it’s one of the most helpful abilities the Zerg have. Be sure to check out the Zerg micro guidbook and Zerg macro guide for additional ways to improve your game.

As is true with every species, make sure to frequently scout what your foe is building and adapt. To win you have to attempt to be flexible and adaptable based on what your scouts discover. The Zerg Scouting guidebook is ideal for improving your scouting skills.

Generally it is incredibly vital to spread out your Creep in the game. Creep permits your troops to advance significantly faster and also provides energy for your structures. Your structures will soon die by themselves without a Creep generator near them. Plan the utilization of your production capabilities very carefully, because the Zerg have to create workers and fighting units from the same resource. A significant factor for your build orders will be the number of Hatcheries and Larvae you possess. Usually it is smart to produce as many Drones as possible for as long as possible.

Baneling Bust

The Baneling Bust is an attack tactic that is best used against walled in (usually Terran) enemies. It combines Zergling speed with a secret Baneling nest whos purpose is to set up control of the map and demolish enemy scouting units. Produce Zerglings as fast as you can. When you’ve spawned from 20-25 Zerglings, convert eight to ten into Banelings. As you are spawning the Baneling nest, be certain to research Zergling speed. Deploy 2 Zerglings as a decoy while your Banelings puts an opening in their wall. Then utilize your Banelings and extra Zerglings to do as much destruction as possible. Be certain to keep the Baneling nest hidden – this attack works best when it’s a complete surprise.

Zerg Strategy – Roach/Hydralisk

This is a simple tactic of allowing your roaches to act as a shield while your Hydralisks do massive damage. Generally it’s best to discover your enemy’s strategy before figuring out the proportion of Roaches to Hydras. Set up a 60/40 Hydra to Roach ratio if you spot a large number of air or anti-armor units. Otherwise keep a 50/50 proportion.

Zerg Mid-Game Zergling Rush Strategy

This tactic is difficult to pull off at the beginning of the game, but will end in your victory if you can survive to mid-battle. The main idea behind this plan is to overpower your opponent with Zerglings. They are inexpensive, strong troops that will eventually overrun him. Just make certain to keep building your economy as the game progresses. Be sure to always be scouting in order to continue to discover weak spots to take advantage of.